What Can we do?

We have a Problem

The Canada we know is not a narrow minded conservative country. Canada is compassionate, forward thinking, and the current prime minister does not represent us. The polls show that the vast majority of voters are intending to vote for a liberal party (NDP, Liberal, Bloc, Green), while the minority intend to vote Conservative.

How can it be that our country is being governed by Conservatives, if the majority of its people have strong liberal views? The problem is that there is only one conservative party, while liberal votes are being splintered between multiple liberal parties. The result is that as we stand divided, we’re looking down the barrel of another Conservative Harper Government.

What needs to happen?

1. We need voters with liberal views to vote in record numbers.
2. We need those intending to vote Conservative to truly see what they’re voting for.
3. We need to vote strategically.

What steps can you take?

1. Today, make sure that you’re on the electoral list by contacting
Elections Canada. 1-800-463-68682. Today, visit ProjectDemocracy.ca, to see which non-conservative party has the best chance of winning in your riding, so you can vote strategically.

3. Today, talk to people in your life about how important it is to vote strategically. Use your networks, send messages, and make phone calls. Talk to your parents, to your grandparents, to your friends and to your family about their intentions for voting. Print these facts out for them, make sure they’re aware of what Harper has done on their behalf, and that if they don’t vote against him on May 2nd, that he will continue to represent them. That he will continue to represent Canada.

On May 2nd, Vote.
On May 2nd, make the time.
On May 2nd, make the difference.